Pitts Baptist Church
Monday, October 14, 2019
...Strength for the Journey
  SHOUT!784 Worship
     Children, preschool through Kindergarten, are very special people.  This unique group of learners comprehend that God is love and our friend.  This beginning is a foundation for other lessons of faith building blocks that lead to an understanding of the need for a Savior and His free gift of salvation offered to us.
    During the 10:30 a.m. service, these children assemble in the Fellowship Hall for a time of music and prayer.  They are then separated into age groups led by team members as they actively learn about God's truths through various opportunities including:  Craft Time, Game Time, Snack/Restroom Time, and Story Time.
  Children's Worship
    Elementary age children (first - fifth grades) begin to make concrete connections about their need for a Savior. Sunday morning worship for children is held in the Green Room on the Children's Wing. The service is an opportunity for the children to utilize the many gifts with which they have been blessed to worship God. They actively participate through singing, collecting an offering, and hear a lesson specifically designed for their level of understanding.
 Early Childhood and Children's Sunday School
 Sunday school is designed to be a smaller group time where adult leaders can become more familiar with each child's individual personality.  During these Sunday morning classes, building blocks of faith are reinforced with stories from God's Word and hands-on activities for ages two and older. Sunday school teachers of younger children spend their time rocking, singing, and interacting with these precious little ones.